Absentee Ballot Requests

Plans change. Election days don’t

Unless you’re a die hard fan of going and casting your vote on election day (and I know a lot of us are), vote early by absentee ballot is the most convenient way to vote. For just the price of a stamp, you can skip the lines at the polls and avoid having to squeeze one more thing into your busy schedule.

If you live or work downtown, you can go to the City Hall and do it all in person. You can also request an absentee ballot by calling the City Clerk’s office at 802-865-7000.

Another option is to download the latest absentee ballot request form from the city’s website. With an envelope and a stamp, you can send in your request.

Still another option is using the My Voter Page of the Secretary of State’s website to request an absentee ballot. You’ll need your drivers license or ID card number to log in. Once you’re there look in the upper right corner for the absentee ballot request link.

Secretary of State website Absentee Request Link

From there you should see your current election as the only choice. Select the checkbox for the election, then choose your voter type and delivery method and fill out any other fields that may apply to you.

Absentee Request - Choose Election