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Joan Shannon

It has been an honor to serve as a representative of Ward 5 on the City Council for the past 6 terms, and to be elected President of the Council unanimously by my peers for 3 one year terms. I thank you all for this privilege. This year I will be running for the newly created “South District” which is a combination of Wards 5 and 6.

By day (and many nights and weekends), I currently work as a Realtor with Wynne Associates in Burlington, focusing my business on Burlington real estate specifically. My deep love for our City drives me to want to continue to serve on the City Council. The City has faced many challenges in recent years, and I feel that with the leadership of Mayor Weinberger and the current City Council that we are much better off than we were 3 years ago and heading in the right direction. That’s not to say that there isn’t still plenty of work to be done!

The major issues that continue to need our attention in the City are the pension deficit, finding a buyer for Burlington Telecom, and continued improvement to our credit rating. Property taxes are a significant problem in the City and in Vermont generally. Addressing those 3 issues gives us the best chance of having a positive impact on our escalating property taxes. The Weinberger administration is providing long needed leadership on these issues, and I look forward to continuing to work with you to represent your interests as we go forward.

The South End faces perennial issues with the Southern Connector, crime, quality of life issues, parking, and living cooperatively with our neighboring businesses and institutions. As issues on all these fronts arise, I am here to facilitate communication and work to address problems proactively.

In recent years I have worked hard to assure that the uses we want to see on the Pine Street corridor are accommodated in our zoning code. Some of that work is now coming to fruition and there is more to come! Plan BTV SouthEnd is a an inclusive planning process to assure that changes in the South End reflect our community intentions. I look forward to participating in the process and hearing what you all have to say. I have also worked diligently over the course of years to assure that quality of life ordinances are enforced. We are in fact making some headway on these issues, which will become apparent in the near future.

In my first term on the City Council I took the lead on eliminating smoking in bars and clubs, which eventually led to the stewide ban of the same. This year I am proud to have taken a leadership role in banning smoking on Church St. I believe Burlington wants to be a healthy city, and while people have the freedom to smoke, it is government’s role limit the negative impacts the actions of one will have on the whole.

Drug addiction, related crime and homelessness continue to plague our community and more needs to be done at all levels of government and within our medical community to address these problems.

I love living in Burlington and celebrate, everyday, all the amenities our fine City has to offer – the Lake, parks, walkability, festivals, the farmers market, Intervale skiing, the bikepath, and tightly knit neighborhoods. As your city councilor I want to protect our quality of life, and work to assure it is accessible and affordable for everyone.

Please call my cell 802 324-3300 if you would like to discuss any City issues. Hearing from my constituents is essential to representing your interests. I look forward to seeing you, meeting you, and talking to you as I embark on “door-knocking season”. Thank you for the honor of allowing me to serve Ward 5, and I ask for your support this year as the South District City Councilor.


41 Central Ave.
Burlington, VT 05401

Term Expires 2019