Introducing Virtual Voting

The Burlington Democratic Party will hold their nominating caucus at 1:00pm on Sunday, December 6, 2020. Due to the ongoing pandemic, this year’s caucus will be unlike any in the past. In planning this important event, the Party has remained mindful about how to best promote participation while also ensuring election integrity

The Party has now determined to introduce a virtual ballot to the caucus voting process. The virtual ballot will be distributed through a secure and reputable online platform. For any voter who requests special accommodation, an in-person voting option will remain available, either at a polling location or by a ballot being delivered to the voter’s home. Voters are encouraged, however, to virtually participate in the caucus by casting their ballot online.

In order to vote in the caucus, registration for the event must be submitted before midnight on the night of Saturday, December 5. Eligible voters must also be on the Burlington registered voter roll on or by November 30th. Caucus voters may not vote in another political party’s caucus.

The caucus registration form is available here. Voters who registered for the caucus before the announcement of a virtual ballot will be contacted by the Party to confirm if they would prefer casting a virtual vote.

The caucus event will begin precisely at 1:00pm on December 6, with candidate nominations and speeches being live-streamed to YouTube and Town Meeting TV. Streaming information and links will be shared by the Party as they become available. A three-hour voting period will open at 2:00pm and close at 5:00pm. This three-hour voting period will apply to both virtual and in-person voters. The results of the caucus will be announced after the voting period has closed and the ballots in each race have been tabulated.

The Party’s full rules for the caucus are published here.

Those seeking the Democratic nomination for Mayor, City Councilor, Ward Clerk, or Inspector of Election must notify the Party no later than 12:00pm on Friday, November 27, 2020, by contacting the Burlington Democrats by email at or by phone at 802-357-2055.