Burlington Democratic Candidates – November 6th 2018

We have excellent choices for candidates on the ballot, from top to bottom. Christine Halquist will work for working families while bringing broadband internet accessto ALL of Vermont. She will help raise the minimum wage and pass the family leave bill. Dave Zuckerman will continue to lead on issues like the environment, youth, and social justice. Our Senate and Representative candidates will continue their work to help create a budget that works and is fair for all Vermonters.

They need your help. They need money and volunteers to ensure Burlington is well represented in Montpelier.

Here are our candidates:


Christine Halquist

Lieutenant Governor

David Zuckerman

State Senators

Tim Ashe
Philip Baruth
Debbie Ingram
Virginia Lyons
Chris Pearson
Michael Sirotkin

State Representatives

Carol Ode
Bob Hooper
Jean O’Sullivan
Jill Krowinski
Curt McCormack
Johanna Leddy Donovan
Mary Sullivan
Barbara Rachelson

Attorney General

T.J. Donovan

State Treasurer

Beth Pearce

Secretary of State

Jim Condos

Auditor of Accounts

Doug Hoffer

Probate Judge

Gregory Glennon

Assistant Judge

Suzanne Brown
Connie Cain Ramsey

State’s Attorney

Sarah George

US Senate

Bernie Sanders

US House of Representatives

Peter Welch