2020 Democratic City Council Candidates

Jillian Scannell - City Councillor Candidate - Ward 1

Jillian Scannell – Ward 1

I’m running for City Council to reinforce our government’s responsibility to communicate with you, and create policies that ensure a safe and resilient community.

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Ryan Nick - Burlington City Council Candidate - Ward 2

Ryan Nick – Ward 2

I’m running to represent Ward 2 because the City Council needs to be doing a better job advocating for the real needs of our community. The partisan antics of the Council are pushing people out of the democratic process.

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Sarah Carpenter - Burlington City Counselor Candidate - Ward 4

Sarah Carpenter – Ward 4

I plan on working to increase housing affordability, improving the health of Lake Champlain, expanding services in the New North End, and Burlington leadership on regional issues.

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Chip Mason - Burlington City Counselor Candidate - Ward 5

Chip Mason – Ward 5

I’m running for re-election because I want to continue to lead our efforts on creating affordable housing, investing in public infrastructure, downtown and the waterfront, and fighting for proactive climate policy.

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Karen Paul - Burlington City Counselor Candidate - Ward 6

Karen Paul – Ward 6

It is truly an honor to represent the residents of Ward 6 and the City of Burlington on the City Council. My love of Burlington is deeply rooted in a rich history of community involvement as a fourth generation citizen of our City.

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Ali Dieng - Burlington City Counselor Candidate - Ward 7

Ali Dieng – Ward 7

As a City Councilor I will continue to be a voice for all of Ward 7. Communication from New North End officials is an important part of keeping you informed. If re-elected I would pledge to focus much more on making sure that our neighborhood is informed.

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Adam Roof - Burlington City Counselor Candidate - Ward 5

Adam Roof – Ward 5

I will run a positive, issue-based campaign focused on forming coalitions built upon common ground. I believe now more than ever, that Burlington should come together around policies that unite us and be welcoming to a diversity of thought in our community dialogue.

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