UPDATE #2: 2019 Burlington Democrats Party Reorganization

UPDATE: New Meeting Time: Sunday September 29th NOW AT 3pm

UPDATE: New Meeting Place – Miller Center, Gosse Ct. in the New North End

Hey Burlington Democrats, it’s that time again. Time to cast your vote for executive committee members for the Burlington Democratic Party and to participate in the decisions and discussions that will shape our party for the next two years.

Town organization is important because only organized town parties can legally raise money. That’s huge. They also help fill elected official vacancies and send members to attend state and national conventions. 2018 and 2019 were a big years for the Vermont House and the Senate? Let’s help finish the unfinished business in 2020. Burlington is Vermont’s biggest city, so our success is a big part of the foundation for the direction and success of the Party statewide.

Here’s the Secretary of State’s page on Party Organization, including the “Guide to Party Organization and Duties”.