Richard Deane – East District


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Richard Deane - Burlington City Council Candidate

Richard Deane chose to run as a candidate for Burlington’s East District City Council seat because he deeply values being part of the City and his neighborhood. Richard has deep roots in the Ward 1 area, having grown up on Brookes Avenue as a boy. After attending Burlington’s public schools and Bowdoin College in Maine, Richard received a graduate degree in Architecture from Syracuse University and then moved to Washington, DC to pursue his career. Richard and his wife Ina, returned to live and work in Burlington in 1997. Seven years ago they purchased Richard’s boyhood home on Brookes Avenue from his mother, and are now raising their two boys in the historic home where Richard grew up.

Grateful for the opportunities Burlington has offered him and his family, Richard’s goal in running is to assure that those opportunities are available to others in Burlington – both current and future residents. He believes that making housing more accessible and affordable is critical to this bright future. Richard also believes in smart fiscal policy that takes care of taxpayer dollars, invests in neighborhood infrastructure, and ensures a diversity of ideas in government’s public process.

Richard is looking forward to the campaign and the chance to talk with people about their ideas, concerns, and hopes for the Ward 1 and Ward 8 neighborhoods. Richard can be reached at [email protected] if you would like to ask him a question or volunteer.


48 Brookes Ave.
Burlington, VT 05401

Term Expires 2019