Jillian Scannell – Ward 1 Candidate

Jillian Scannell - Ward 1 City Councilor Candidate

I am committed to Burlington, and am a firm believer that strong relationships between government and neighborhoods can lead to positive impacts. Our government should help people, working for and with them.

I have the capacity to bring real change to the City Council. Throughout my time as President of the UVM student body, I have proven time and time again that I have the skills to set tangible goals and achieve them in a timely manner. I have already represented more than 10,000 constituents, ensuring that their concerns are heard and expectations met. I will continue to be an attentive, listening ear to my fellow neighbors in Ward 1, making sure their voices are represented on the city level.

When some hear of my candidacy, they may feel that I am too young to take on this role; that I am inexperienced with the city’s most pressing issues. As I contemplated running, I kept returning to an Op-ed I wrote back in 2018 published in the Burlington Free Press. In it, I described the disappointing experience I had while attending my first Burlington City Council meeting. Councilors were on their phones, visibly disengaged from the citizens speaking to them. Over the years, I have noticed how this issue stretches beyond the confines of City Hall. City officials have a responsibility to engage with the people who have elected them, something I promise I will take to heart as your Councilor.

I’m committed to enacting solutions that address the current climate crisis, create affordable housing that works for current and future residents, and ensure a safe and welcoming neighborhood for all.