Chip Mason – Ward 5 Candidate

Chip Mason - City Councillor - Ward 5

I am running for re-election because I want to continue focusing upon restoring fiscal responsibility, making Burlington affordable, investing in public infrastructure and parks and protecting our most vulnerable.

Since I joined the council, we have put millions of taxpayer dollars to work via Penny for Parks, reconstructed the bike path from end to end, created a state of the art skate park, and tripled our investment in sidewalks. Our infrastructure remains fragile and must be attended to. There are also many high profile public improvement projects that will demand the council and public’s attention.

In the south end, I have worked hard to address specific issues that have arisen, including, proposing and implementing zoning amendments to facilitate the smart redevelopment of certain parcels in the South End including City Market and King Street Center and to amendments to permit Arts Riot to remain in compliance with our ordinances.

I am also very committed to protecting our most vulnerable citizens. Year-round wet shelters, amendments to outdated and unconstitutional ordinances addressing quality of life and the early education initiative were meaningful steps. Those efforts must continue.

I ask for your support and your vote on March 6, 2018.