Thursday, January 12th – Burlington Democratic Caucus

Burlington Democratis Caucus 2017

Please join us for our city-wide Nominating Caucus that will take place on Thursday, January 12th at 6pm at the Edmunds Middle School Cafeteria, 275 Main Street, Burlington, VT. At this caucus, we will be nominating candidates for City Council for the North, East, Central & South Districts, Ward Clerks and Inspector of Elections. Please […]

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Saturday April 2nd : Vermont Delegate Selection

We will be holding a Town Caucus on Saturday, April 2nd at 10:30am at Edmunds School Cafeteria located at 299 Main Street. Burlington has been allotted 76 delegates to the Vermont Democratic State Convention to be held in Barre, VT on May 22, 2016. At this convention, delegates will be elected to the Democratic National […]

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