Executive Committee

City Chair: Stephanie Young
Vice Chair: Steve McIntyre
Recording Officer: Lorraine Carter-Lovejoy
Treasurer: Chris Trombly
Assistant Treasurer: Andrew Champagne
Immediate Former Chair: Fauna Hurley

Ward 1 Chair: Olivia Peña
Ward 2 Chair: Andrew Champagne
Ward 3 Chair: Lizzie Haskell
Ward 4 Chair: Nancy Ellis
Ward 5 Chair: Bill Keogh
Ward 6 Chair: (Sign Up Here)
Ward 7 Chair: Steve McIntyre
Ward 8 Chair: Colin Hilliard

Standing Committees

Publicity & Communications

IT Director:Steve McIntyre

Finance & Fundraising

Registration & Elections

Assistant Treasurer: Andrew Champagne

Issues Committee

Democratic City Councilors (ex officio members)

Last party reorganization: 2017/09/12

Ward Committee Chair Responsibilities and Guidelines

Adopted July, 2014

  • Hold a caucus once per year – pick the date and establish a location. Email / electronic, public-electronic notice with one week notice.
  • Maintain a list of ward executive committee members.
  • Make an effort and work with Burlington Executive Committee to recruit candidates (city council, school board, ward clerk, inspector of elections, all ward-wide offices).
  • Act as a campaign resource – Connect candidates with volunteers, party experts and resources for the candidate and/or campaign manager.
  • Assist with recruiting a campaign treasurer.
  • Act as a conduit to electronic communications with Democrats in the ward and serve as point of contact with the city executive committee.
  • Keep the City Chair current on activities in their ward.

Ward Chairs are volunteers who give a their time to the above described tasks. Candidates should be clear that the Ward Chair is not their campaign manager ie. campaign responsibilities vs. ongoing statutory tasks of the Ward Chair. The candidate can ask the Ward Chair to be their campaign manager.